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The city of Allentown, located in eastern Pennsylvania, contains one of the largest historic neighborhoods in the United States. Concerned residents comprising of homeowners and renters who live in the historic district have joined together to preserve not only the structures of our neighborhood but to reclaim our community to bring about profound change to our quality of life.

Crime, drugs, property mismanagement and abandoned structures will no longer be ignored by the Allentown city government. 
This describes our immediate concerns as well as our future goals: Residents, both homeowners and renters. need to know that when we make calls to the police for crime, disturbances and drug activity, that someone will actually show up and investigate. Residents are doing everything we can within the guidelines set by our local government. We call the non-emergency numbers with issues, we track license numbers, we are photographing illegal activity, and we call the appropriate city departments for action. Neighborhood crime watch groups are being organized.

When people make a commitment to purchase property or move their families here they expect their neighborhood to offer a safe environment both inside and out without poorly maintained properties, noise, drugs, and prostitution; this is a big issue. Organizations like ours, the Old Allentown Preservation Association, Allentown Neighborhood Housing Services, and all of the crime watch groups cannot make a difference without the commitment from you and the city. 

Download our Newsletter HERE

Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month at 7 PM

Be there and make a difference!

Location: St. Michael's Church at the corner of Ninth and Turner Streets


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